A Seven on Seven to Remember


This has been a great Sunday I was able to spend time with my oldest son that afternoon as he prepared for a seven on seven game with the church. We made it to the field rather early and decided to walk around the Plano Senior High track and just talk; that was the best one on one time I have ever had with my son. He is so goofy and smart – he has a lot to talk about!

I had the best time watching the youth pastor, my son and a great group of boys and girls from Parkway Hills Baptist Church in Plano, TX play their seven on seven game against another church. These boys are so competitive in everything they do, and when it comes to football no questions asked – they take it to the next level.

Two teams came out of Parkway Hills Baptist Church. These boys were so organized that they got together and coordinated the colors of their uniforms. They even wore football cleats! All the while, I’m thinking, “Boys its not that serious, you’re just playing against another church!” One team was in blue and black and the other team in all black. They represented their church very well with outstanding sportsmanship. They might have been a little rough at times on some of the other players from the other church; but very polite and humble. Most of the boys are from Shepton High and West Plano Senior School and most of them play on the football team for the schools.

This was a seven on seven event to remember. I can still see all the fun these boys had, it showed all over their faces. I could tell that they have a passion for this sport and for the church. When they lost a game, they did it with their heads up. They might have been sad, but it didn’t damper their spirits.


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