About Me

All about Miss April
If you’re looking for me I could be found in front of my canvas with a paintbrush in hand, thinking about the blank surface in front of me (always thinking). You might even find me organizing a cabinet, digging thru boxes of paint, even sorting through fabrics; all just to get inspiration for my next project. And better believe when I’m in my own world nothing can stop me, well nothing but another great project.


I have two boys that are the best in the world. They really like to stay active in many sports unless its tennis, they want nothing to do with it. My boys love their sports and everything related to it, one plays football and basketball and the other plays soccer, my boys keep me grounded and help me to understand why staying healthy is very important. I believe that if we want to live strong productive lives we have to stay on top of our health. When I go from one practice to another you have to stay on your A game mentally and physically. The best moments are spending time with my kids, it doesn’t matter how many practices or how long they are, just as long as I get to spend every second with my boys is what matters most in life.

I am a working mother in the Dallas area, with my oldest in High School (pretty soon we’ll be talking about colleges) (ugh), and my youngest son is in elementary. Where did the time go? They grow so fast. We are a growing family that puts God first and family second in our lives. But I know that being “momma” is my main job, along with going to work and writing for my blog on a regular. With that being said, we are a close family that sticks together. But my boys do have a relationship with their fathers and I continue to support and encourage them about their relationship.

We are a close family that sticks together, and I don’t consider it just being the boys and I but their fathers and their families as well. My boys have a close relationship with their fathers and I continue to support them and have a good friendship with both fathers along with their wife/girlfriend, and yes we all get along great. Some might think different after reading this, but we are one big happy family and have great friendships that have formed because of it. We have all made mistakes in our lives but showing my boys that you can’t blame one person when you both were involved.

Yes you can see that I’m not your average woman, I don’t like confusion, problems (even though they do come) or drama; but we all have them and we have to P.U.S.H (pray until something happens)through them. My name is April better known as Nikkie Jean which fits me best. The creatively inspired artsy fartsy as some call me. There is no better way to enjoy what I do and love, then to show it through this blog. I love trying out new painting techniques and sharing our achievements along with the lessons we have learned along the way. I will throw in my DIY projects and hope there is a little something for everyone stopping by.

And without a doubt, the only thing that makes this blog better? Is hearing from you! And what better way to do that then to send your thoughts and ideas to mynikkiejean@gmail.com, or you can leave a comment on the blog or Facebook. We have to inspire one another and be the light that drives new ideas to help bring creativity to life by giving creativity our own definition or identity. I have so much to learn for this is just the beginning of this awesome journey with you guys. Thanks for stopping by to encourage me along the way. You will be what keeps me going, to make me glad and proud of this great chapter in my life, and what keeps me returning to blog for you so much more!